our story


While working in digital marketing at an agency in Raleigh, North Carolina, we realized the need to give businesses a voice for their brand. We learned that by far the most effective in reach and in cost for businesses to successfully spread their message that they are so passionate about was through quality content being shared consistently on social media platforms and websites. 

After realizing the select amount of businesses that could afford to hire an agency to create high-quality content and manage their accounts, while knowing that there were so many world-changing brands whose values and visions needed to be heard but were unable to pay agency prices. We decided to create a possibility to give a voice and help to bring their brand to life by giving it an audience through quality digital marketing. We launched Foreseen Marketing with the commitment to create a possibility for businesses, nonprofits, and organizations to voice their message at a price that wouldn’t take from their cause.

We have since evolved into a full spectrum digital marketing company that uses our expertise in the ever-changing world of digital marketing to meet the needs of your transmuting business or organization.


our mission
we are committed to helping great businesses, and nonprofits spread their vision with high-quality content, on the most effective platforms for their brand, while remaining reasonable and affordable.  


| people |
we know a lot of companies say this, but we genuinely care about people, and we want to work to help people succeed.

| passion |
passion is at the heart of our company. we love working with passionate people who have dreams of changing their communities and the world.

| dedication to other's goals |
we believe in people and their dreams, we want to work tirelessly to build value to help promote your mission.

| honesty |
we work to keep and maintain an honest culture by being open, transparent, ethical, and fair.

| high quality and speed |
we are committed to quality, we want to create high-quality content at a quick rate to get you what you need when you need it.

| fearless work |
we are continuously moving forward, innovating, and improving.

our founder


erica switzer

is the founder of Foreseen Marketing. She was born and raised in Maryland. She studied at Liberty University where she obtained her Bachelors and Masters degrees. Erica married her best friend, Stephen in 2013. She really loves people, but Stephen is her favorite by a long shot. They currently live in Raleigh, North Carolina.
She travels any chance she can get, she loves finding new places, meeting new people, drinking new coffee and wine, and she always finds a reason to justify eating ice cream at any hour of the day, because why not?
She has been working in marketing since 2014 and has the goal to use digital marketing to promote your vision in order to create a way for your cause to have the effect its always dreamed of.

She is extremely passionate about orphans both nationally and internationally. She works with a nonprofit that specializes in family-based care for orphans in Honduras that you can find more information on at www.identitymission.org